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About Rigden International

Trusted Source for Premium Sanderswood Products Worldwide

Hello and welcome to Rigden International! We're delighted to introduce ourselves as your go-to place for the best Red and White sanderswood products. Our mission is simple: to provide you with amazing wood products while taking care of our environment.

Why Choose Rigden International?

We Follow the Rules: We make sure everything we do is legal and clear. You can trust us to do the right things the right way.

  • Amazing Variety: We have a lot of sanderswood products, like furniture parts, planks, chips, powders, and oil.

  • Good Sourcing: We work with farmers who grow sanderswood for a long time, and we make sure the wood is great by testing the soil and the wood itself.

  • Quality First: Our products are really good because we care a lot about quality. We check everything to make sure it’s perfect.

  • Safe Packaging: We pack your orders carefully to make sure they arrive safely and in the right condition.

  • On-Time Delivery: We know being on time is important, so we do our best to deliver your orders when we say we will.

  • Great Prices: Our prices are competitive, which means you get a good deal without sacrificing quality.

  • We Deliver Everywhere: It doesn’t matter where you are, we can deliver our products to you.

  • We Listen to You: We’re quick to respond to your questions and are always ready to help you.

  • Custom Orders: If you need something special, we can make it just the way you want it.


Quality Matters a Lot

Our wood comes from trees that are more than 30 years old and is known for its deep, wavy grain. We make sure our logs are just right in size and shape, and we only choose logs from mature trees.

We're Responsible

We work with farmers in India to make sure the wood we use comes from good sources. We also care about the environment and follow all the rules to protect it.

Join Us in Our Journey

We invite you to be part of our mission. Whether you’re a customer, a partner, or someone who cares about wood and the environment, we’re here for you. Let’s work together to make the wood industry better and protect our precious forests.

If you have any questions, want to partner with us, or simply want to learn more, please contact us. We’re here to help and look forward to serving you.

Thank you for choosing Rigden International as your trusted source for wood products.