Quality Assurance at Rigden International

Trusted Source for Premium Sanderswood Products Worldwide

At Rigden International, our unwavering commitment to quality is at the forefront of our operations. We understand that delivering the finest Red and White sanderswood products to our customers is not just a goal; it’s our responsibility. Our rigorous quality control processes and certifications are designed to instill trust in our valued customers.

Quality Control Processes

  • Sourcing Excellence: Our quality journey begins at the very source of our sanderswood. We work directly with government-approved farmers who cultivate trees for more than 30 years. Soil conditions are tested, and laboratory assessments are conducted to ascertain the wood’s quality. We only procure logs that meet our stringent standards.

  • Log Inspection: Logs are meticulously inspected to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. Key parameters include perfectly dressed logs, sound logs from mature trees, and logs with the desired girth and length as per customer requirements.

  • Third-Party Inspections: Transparency and credibility are paramount. Rigden International conducts regular third-party inspections by independent experts to validate the quality of our sanderswood products.

  • Quality Control Executives: Our in-house quality control executives are dedicated to ensuring that every product that leaves our facility adheres to our quality parameters. From raw materials to finished products, they conduct thorough quality tests.

  • Safe Packaging: To protect the integrity of our sanderswood during transportation, we employ safe packaging methods with clear nomenclature markings. This ensures that your orders arrive in pristine condition.


Rigden International holds certifications that underscore our commitment to quality and responsible sourcing:

  • Government Approvals: We are a government-licensed entity, authorized to buy, store, and sell sanderswood products in compliance with all applicable regulations.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Our commitment to sustainable forestry practices is certified by recognized environmental organizations. We actively participate in conservation efforts to preserve sanderswood forests.

  • Export Compliance: Rigden International adheres to the export policies of India and all relevant regulations set forth by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Government of India.

Our Promise to You

When you choose Rigden International as your sanderswood supplier, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to excellence. We promise to:

  • Deliver products that meet or exceed your quality expectations.
  • Uphold ethical and legal standards in every transaction.
  • Maintain transparency throughout our sourcing and quality control processes.
  • Continuously strive to improve and innovate in the pursuit of quality.

We understand that trust is the cornerstone of our business, and our commitment to quality is our way of earning and maintaining that trust. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are paramount.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about our quality assurance processes, certifications, or specific product quality details, please contact us. We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to make confident decisions when choosing Rigden International as your sanderswood supplier.